Payment Plan Option

Get to The Woodlands step by step in 2015 with the Pre-sale Firefly Payment Plan. Pay for your four-day general admission pass with an initial deposit of $49.00 followed by 10 monthly installments of $30.00 up until May 2015. With each payment, you get closer and closer to The Woodlands! Pre-sale Payment Plan tickets MUST be purchased at the full price. The Pre-sale Payment Plan is ONLY available with the purchase of a four-day General Admission pass and cannot be applied to VIP or Super VIP festival passes. IMPORTANT: before purchasing a ticket on the Pre-sale Payment Plan, please review the payment plan terms and guidelines outlined below:

Your initial payment will serve as a deposit to reserve your Firefly Music Festival ticket(s). All ticket fees, shipping and handling fees and add-on purchases (such as a camping ticket) will be added to your initial deposit. All subsequent payments will be automatically charged to the credit card used for the initial purchase. Participation in the payment plan operates only as a ticket reservation. Your ticket is not deemed purchased until paid in full. If any payment is declined for any reason, your reservation is cancelled and you forfeit the initial deposit and all prior payments. It is your responsibility to manage your payment plan.
The payment plan schedule is as follows:

Initial Deposit: $49.00, plus applicable processing and service fees, shipping and handling fees and any add-on purchases
August 3, 2014: $30.00
September 3, 2014: $30.00
October 3, 2014: $30.00
November 3, 2014: $30.00
December 3, 2014: $30.00
January 3, 2015: $30.00
February 3, 2015: $30.00
March 3, 2015: $30.00
April 3, 2015: $30.00
May 3, 2015: $30.00

The Payment Plan will be available until July 9, 2014, subject to ticket availability. Pre-sale Payment Plan tickets MUST be purchased at the full price of $349. Limit of six (6) tickets per customer under the Payment Plan.

IMPORTANT: If, for any reason, any of your payments are declined, in whole or in part, your order shall be cancelled in full and you will forfeit ALL payments made prior to default. NO exceptions. You acknowledge and agree that, until ALL payments required hereunder are made in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein, your participation in the Payment Plan operates only as a ticket reservation and not as an actual ticket purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND ALL PAYMENTS MADE TOWARD THE PAYMENT PLAN ARE NONREFUNDABLE.