Since the beginning, Firefly has given fans an unforgettable weekend in The Woodlands by showcasing a diverse lineup of emerging and legendary performers alongside fan-favorite acts.

We book bands with a simple goal: the lineup belongs to you, the fans, and we book the artists you want to see. Every year, we collect your preferences through an extensive survey asking who you want at the festival. The results (1,000+ artists ranked by your collective, personal preferences) have an astounding impact on the artists we select to play Firefly.

Fan-feedback has become such an instrumental piece of Firefly over the years, so why stop at the lineup when fans care about everything that goes into the festival? After all, Firefly is about so much more than the music. We’ve decided to include you along the way and officially become the first-ever fan-curated music festival.

What does this mean? It means that we want you to be part of our planning process starting now. On our new website, we’ve added a community page where we’ll launch contests and surveys, open votes, and ask for your opinion on all things Firefly. Artists? You’ll get a say. A new merchandise design? Cast your vote. A brand new festival attraction? You choose - you’ll be the one enjoying it.

#FireflyFam, we’re dedicated to fully embracing the concept of the first-ever fan-curated festival. We can’t wait to see what we create together.

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