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We've partnered with Autograph to create special access and experiences for you to discover at this year's Firefly Festival. Register your Firefly wristband and redeem your unique Firefly Lumina digital collectible on Autograph to unlock access to a dedicated entry lane* and other special perks.

Firefly Autograph infographic

These Firefly Luminas have five unique tiers—Mint, Lilac, Coral, Sky, and Dandelion—with each tier granting one of a handful of perks at this year’s festival. The collectible version you receive will be revealed upon redemption.

You can use your unique 6-character code (for 4-Day Weekend wristband holders) or 16-digit digital pass barcode (for Single Day pass holders) to redeem. Upon redemption, pass holders will receive one of the versions of the Collectible. Redeem below to discover which Collectible you’ve received!


  • Click on the Redemption Link above and click ‘Continue’.
  • Sign Up or Login
  • Check your email for a message from Autograph support, click the verification link in the message to verify your email. Once your email has been verified, go back on the redemption page and click 'Continue'."
  • Enter your 6-character wristband registration code (case sensitive) on your 4-Day Weekend wristband, or 16-digit digital pass barcode on your Single Day mobile pass
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Be sure to redeem your Firefly Lumina before you arrive on-site in order to redeem your perks!

* Dedicated festival entry lane excludes Single Day pass holders.
** Only wristband holders with Saturday access will be eligible for this perk.
*** While supplies last.


  • Do I need a Firefly wristband in order to redeem a Firefly Lumina?

    Yes. You need the unique 6-character code found on your 4-Day Weekend wristband (or the 16-digit digital pass barcode found on your Single Day PDF or mobile pass) to redeem your Firefly Lumina. Complete your wristband registration and scan the QR code inside your Firefly mailer to redeem your Firefly Lumina before arriving at the festival.

  • Who is eligible to redeem a Firefly Lumina?

    Anyone who holds a valid Firefly Festival 2022 4-Day Weekend wristband or Single Day digital pass barcode can redeem a Firefly Lumina. The same 4-Day Weekend wristband with the same 6-character code (or 16-digit Single Day digital pass barcode) used to redeem a Firefly Lumina must be presented at the festival to receive your perk. Please note: Single Day pass holders will not have access to the dedicated entry lane to enter the festival and must instead use the separate Single Day pass holder lanes.

  • How many Firefly Luminas can I redeem?

    One (1) Firefly Lumina per person. Only the holder of the wristband (or digital pass barcode for Single Day pass holders) used to initially redeem the Firefly Lumina is eligible to receive the perk at Firefly Festival 2022. The same physical wristband or digital pass barcode used to redeem the Firefly Lumina must be presented on-site at the Autograph booth to unlock the exclusive perk at the festival.

  • When is the deadline to redeem a Firefly Lumina?

    The redemption window for all Firefly Luminas will open on 8/14/22 at 3pm ET.

    The redemption window for each Firefly Lumina will close on the following dates / times:

    • Mint: 9/16/2022 at 11:59pm ET
    • Lilac: 9/23/2022 at 11:59pm ET
    • Coral: 9/25/2022 at 3:00pm ET
    • Sky: 9/24/2022 at 12:00pm ET
    • Dandelion: 9/29/2022 at 11:59pm ET

    Please Note: The associated perks will require on-site pick up in order to be utilized at Firefly; we strongly suggest you redeem your digital collectible before arriving at the festival.

  • Is there any cost to redeeming a Firefly Lumina?

    No, there is no cost associated with redeeming a Firefly Lumina.

  • What is a Firefly Lumina digital collectible?

    A Firefly Lumina is a digital collectible - an NFT (non-fungible token) - which is a unique, non-interchangeable digital asset stored on a digital ledger (the blockchain). These digital assets can be associated with different types of media (including images, videos, and audio clips). The proof of ownership is verified and authenticated by the hosting blockchain.

  • Is there any environmental impact to redeeming a Firefly Lumina?

    We care about protecting the environment, and our partners at Autograph care too. That’s why our Firefly Festival 2022 Collection uses Polygon, a blockchain protocol that’s currently carbon-neutral and approaching carbon-negativity next year. For our fans at Firefly, this means redeeming and minting a digital collectible from our Firefly Festival 2022 Collection is non-energy-intensive. For more information on Polygon, visit here: polygon.technology

For more information about the Firefly Festival 2022 Collection created by Autograph, ​​please see the official Blog Post and Terms & Conditions.