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Firefly is immersed in the nature of The Woodlands. It’s one of the defining characteristics of the Firefly experience! So no doubt, we want to protect it. We’ve partnered with some pretty incredible organizations such as CLIF GreenNotes, Clean Vibes, and Code Purple to do just that.

This year we’re doing things a bit differently and teaming up to help reduce our environmental footprint when it comes to waste, water, energy, and transportation. Our goal is to leave The Woodlands even more beautiful than before.

We’re really excited to share and work on these efforts with you, Firefly Fam!


Waste Initiatives



Clean Vibes Trading Post & Event Recycling

One of our missions this year is to limit the environmental footprint of the Firefly Fam. You can help us by choosing to recycle throughout your time at the festival. Collect recycling after each show and visit the Clean Vibes Trading Post to earn #recyclingrewards. Keeping Firefly beautiful is as simple as that!

Visit the Clean Vibes Trading Post booth in either camping Hub for more info.

Code Purple Post Event Clean-Up

Code Purple is a statewide movement that helps people who are homeless find a place of refuge or shelter when winter weather conditions become dangerous for individuals or families to remain outside.

For the past two years, Firefly and Code Purple have partnered together through a post-event clean up that helps provide leftover camping supplies to the homeless population in Kent County, DE. Firefly is excited to continue this relationship and looks forwarded to partnering with Code Purple to help improve the lives of those affected by homelessness.

Recycled Materials

When you take a look around The Woodlands, you’re bound to see one of many recycled materials put to good use! In our efforts to be more environmentally conscious, we have leveraged recycled goods such as wooden signs, crates, and pallets in the design of Firefly’s festival space.

We even used recycled shipping containers to make up our multi-level bar & patio at “The Fort” – make sure to check it out.

Conscious Camping

Since day one, Firefly has encouraged campers to do their part and collect trash and recyclables within their campsites in an effort to keep The Woodlands beautiful long after the sun sets on the final day. This year is no different and we strongly encourage you to join in on our recycling efforts once again. We’ve made it easy for you, by pairing a recycling bin with every trash bin. Not convinced yet? You can also win swag at our Recycling Trading Post, simply by bringing us your recyclable items.


Water Initiatives



Hydration Stations & Refillable Cups

We encourage festival goers to bring an empty, reusable water bottle to the festival to be used at one of the 3 hydration stations around the festival.


Energy Initiatives



Geodome Tree Planting

Starting in 2017 for every Geodome package that is sold, Firefly will plant a tree at The Woodlands! Lets grow The Woodlands together.

Solar Power Generators

There’s a reason our campgrounds shine so bright! We use a total of 14 solar light towers and 2 Solar Generators to help keep our campgrounds perfectly lit after the sun sets below the trees.


Transportation Initiatives



Car Pool to Firefly

What’s better than heading to The Woodlands with your best friends? Nothing if you ask us! You get to jam out, get pumped up for the festival, and reduce your CO2 emissions all at the same time.

Live close by? Take your transportation game to a whole new level – use local transit or bike to the festival grounds!

Firefly Festival Shuttle

No car? No Problem! – Firefly offers long distance shuttles from 6 of the nearest major metropolitan areas to reduce traffic and give fans an alternate mode of transportation to the best weekend of the summer. For more information, check out our partnership with Rally Bus.


Our Sustainability Partners