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Firefly 2016: Totem Policy

Everyone loves totems.


We don’t think there’s a festival-goer who didn’t get their picture taken with at least one. Everyone remembers Crazy Eyes, or Bob Saget, or the “Free Hugs” guy. Totems are a big part of festival life, and we want to encourage everyone to make them, bring them, and share them with us.


We realize, however, that the totem policy may seem a bit confusing. Some totems aren’t allowed into the festival, while others are. Our policy has always been to give decision making on totems to the security staff at the gates. It may seem arbitrary at times, but we trust them to make case by case decisions on what’s in the best interest of all guests.


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With that in mind, and to encourage people to be creative, we’re offering some tips on the best way to get your totems into the festival:


  • Make sure your totem is size appropriate. Larger totems that may be unwieldy, or block people’s view, are discouraged.
  • Totems with sharp sticks, or edges that could be dangerous, are a red flag to security.
  • Totems that have spaces or voids that security can’t see into are discouraged.
  • Totems over twelve feet tall are a no-go.
  • Any moving parts, electronics or lights that can fall off easily will make it more difficult to get your totem in.
  • PLEASE don’t use real humans for totems. While they may be in on the joke at first, the low pay and inhumane conditions wears on them after a while.


And while we love creativity, We think it goes without saying that totems that are derogatory or inflammatory are also discouraged. Keep it fun and positive!

We really want to encourage everyone to be creative and show off their totems this year. Be on the look out for more totem-based posts as the festival gets closer. So, get out your foam core and your ironic TV references and get busy creating! We can’t wait to get our picture taken with you and your creations this June.


– The Firefly Staff