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The Firefly Experience

June 10, 2015 AT 1:00 pm

When we launched Firefly, we wanted to create something more than just a “concert”. Since the idea of launching a major music festival began bouncing around Red Frog Events’ office walls in 2010, one thing has never wavered: along with top musical performances, we wanted to create an unforgettable experience for guests every step of the way.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago The Woodlands was an untapped destination for the majority of the year. We’ve now transformed the tranquil space into a summer destination with an appeal that’s drawing tens of thousands of passionate fans each year.

With the input of Firefly fans from around the world, we’ve continued to shape what you see around The Woodlands. The Arcade debuted in 2012 and this year, it’s bigger and will boast its own bar, transforming it into “The Beercade”. The Dogfish Head Brewery will continue to be a must-see where you can grab a seat and a Firefly Ale while watching a sports game in the air-conditioning that rejuvenates you between shows. The Coffee Shop has evolved and we’re excited to continue to offer acoustic performances for you while you relax and sip on your chosen caffeinated brew. The Headphone Disco will, again this year, reinforce your love for people watching and rocking out with its distinctive vibe.

When Firefly launched in 2012, we simultaneously premiered six unique restaurants to premier at the festival. Our creative team at Red Frog worked alongside some of the best food and beverage experts in the country to offer Firefly fans a step above the rest. We didn’t want our fans to adjust their healthy eating habits or chose poor quality options due to limited offerings, so we took matters into our own hands and created custom menu items that would satisfy festivalgoers. Favorites this year include Tex Mex City, Slider House, Lemongrass, Fresh Co, and Between the Bread along with many food trucks from around the country.

Your Firefly experience goes beyond what’s inside the festival gates. Roughly more than half your time during Firefly weekend is spent in the campgrounds and we continue to evolve this experience each year. With the addition of The Hubs in 2014, fans rocked out to live music, stocked up on the essentials, and grabbed Bloody Mary’s and breakfast to kick their day off. Our creation of a custom, intricate shower system came about in 2012 and this basic need has continued to bring us inquiries from festival and event organizers from around the world.

Firefly has become the summer weekend we patiently wait for throughout the year. This year, we’ll hit another milestone as we head towards our first sell out with 90,000 fans joining the Firefly community at The Woodlands. As always, we look forward to adjusting the festival with this increase to give you the unforgettable memories you count on us for. Cheers to all of you that have joined us in years past, or will be joining us for Firefly 2015!


See you at The Woodlands soon!

Lauren King

Public Relations and Content Development