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Firefly Valentine’s

February 15, 2016 AT 10:26 am

Everyone meets somewhere.

A few weeks ago, it got us thinking. After four years and hundreds of thousands of festival-goers, presumably some couple had to have met at Firefly. The odds of at least two people coming together for music and friendship and NOT falling in love seemed unbelievable to us.

So we asked, you answered, and the response was overwhelming. We got stories about people who came together, or reunited after years apart. We got stories from young and old, chance encounters and missed opportunities. Stories from people who formed lifelong friendships, and from couples that decided a weekend at the Woodlands made them realize they wanted to spend their lives together.

A couple of stories stood out:


Donna and Ryan from Viola DE.
“Ryan and I met at the first Firefly even though we both lived in the same small town just outside of Dover. Strangely enough, we opted to camp together despite barely knowing one another. We had a small utility tent propped against my friend’s beat up pick-up truck, our feet sticking out into the air (it worked great until the night it rained!) I was volunteering and he was setting cable in the Woodlands. we would come together for a show and then meet up again later. It was from that point on, we were inseparable.

We’ve been to Philadelphia, and all the way to Alaska, exploring and enjoying every day. A whirlwind romance of concerts, festivals, and traveling, we explored everything the world has to offer, using music as the backdrop for our memories. From the first days of Imagine Dragons, to Matt & Kim and Twenty-One Pilots, there was always a connection felt deeper when we’re shoulder to shoulder with other music fanatics.  We always use the festival as our anniversary date, looking forward to it each year. The excitement of meeting new friends and camping only a few miles away from our home has never wavered, no matter how far we’ve traveled previously.

Love is truly a friendship set to music, and true love is the friendship that uses music to blossom and grow stronger.”


Eric and Jessica from Ossining, NY.

“Eric and I met when we worked together at Apple in Stamford, Connecticut. We hadn’t originally planned to go to the first Firefly together; at the time, we’d only been a couple for about two months, and I had planned to go with a friend. I had my heart absolutely set on going (The Killers have been my favorite band since I was about sixteen). We ended up buying my friend’s pass, and off we went to Delaware! In several ways that weekend was a turning point in our relationship. It was the first time Eric saw me cry over music, it was our first trip away together, and that was the weekend I first knew I was falling in love with him. The thing I love the most about Firefly is the way it’s been a central theme throughout our relationship. We’ve been through so much together; we’ve moved twice, gotten new jobs, but still always come back to this same place on this same weekend every year. It just seems really fitting that Firefly is where we got engaged (just inside the gates the first day in 2014). We’re getting married this September, and our colors are the Firefly colors, because neither of us can think of anything we do together that we look forward to more!”

– Jessica


“The first date Jessie and I went on was a concert. The first trip we took together was the first firefly. We got engaged at the third Firefly. I spend every day of the year waiting for the next Firefly, it’s my favorite thing we do. Even when we’re wading through seas of people to see The Killers, or hiding in my car because tornados are (not actually) coming to wash us all away, there’s no place I’d rather be and no one I’d rather be there with. Firefly is our place, it’s where Jess and Eric became “Jess and Eric”. Firefly is where we stopped being two “I”s and became a “we.””

– Eric



Thanks to everyone who shared their stories. It was humbling to read them and realize how many people have met because of Firefly. So, wherever you are and whomever you’re with, have a Happy Valentine’s day, and remember:

“Love is a friendship set to music.”

Firefly Staff