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Firefly, Where You Belong

January 9, 2017 AT 3:48 pm

“Firefly, Where You Belong”

A story from our favorite hammock couple, Ciera & Austin.


We were both born and raised in Rhode Island in the smallest town in the smallest state. Coming from such a small area you don’t see a lot of the world and what else is out there. Being only both 19 before heading to college we were scared that our lives were dare we say it, boring. Feeling like we have never been involved in something bigger than ourselves; and that had to be changed. We began bouncing ideas off each other on how to culture ourselves: New Zealand? “Too expensive”  Europe? “Too far” Alaska maybe?  “Too cold”.  And Then pursuing through a newsfeed we came across the holy grail of music festivals, Firefly.

Within minutes we bought tickets to what will have changed our lives forever.  At first we weren’t sure what to think because it was our first festival experience.  From the grungy small clubs in RI to the large stadium venues in Boston we loved the music scene.  It was a small escape to a place where there were no holds.  For a quick two hour set you could dissolve all of the stress and worries into sweat and unity over a band you knew all the lyrics to. Now imagine this but for four days.

Not knowing how to pack, what to pack, or where to start, we went for it all.  We brought easily enough equipment for a small country packed into a 2001 Honda Accord.  And began our journey down to The Woodlands.  The second we arrived in the city it was electric.  Car Horns and rowdy fans laughs and smiles backed up the interstate awaiting our entrance to our campsites.  Once we arrived our neighbors immediately felt like family offering to help move around and adjust our tents.  Little did we know everyone at this event is simply happy. I’ve never seen more smiles, laughs, good times and vibes in my entire life. There isn’t any other place where you’re able to listen to your favorite band while relaxing in your hammock and having the time of your life all at the same time.

Throughout the event we felt like we belonged to a community of music lovers and good people all around.  Not for a second did we feel left out or scared to be ourselves, something that is hard to find now a days.  This festival is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all, breathe in life and experience new things.  To have a weekend without deadlines, or papers, or stress.  To lose yourself in the music and those around you.

Overall, Firefly has become a staple for us.  Something that keeps us going and something that we will continue to be a part of year after year.  The second the festival ends it has you hooked on who will come the next year and what it will be like.  Firefly has given us the confidence to venture out of our comfort zones and experience life.  It was the perfect outlet for the transition into college and will be attending each year for as long as we can.


– Ciera & Austin