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Foodie Friday Introduction

March 4, 2016 AT 10:00 am

It doesn’t matter your choice in music, how young or old you are, or whether you’re from Delaware, NY, Philly or DC. It makes no difference if you’re in general camping, glamping, staying in a hotel or at your mom’s house. You could be a voracious meat-eater or a devout vegan. The closer we get to festival time, the more we hear about one of our, and probably your, favorite subjects.


From the best camp recipes, to how to feed your crew, to which food trucks will be on site, few things bring out as much interest as what we’re eating for four wonderful days in June. What to bring, how to store it, how to cook it are topics of much discussion on our message boards and social media.

So, we’ve decided to dedicate every Friday to the glorious topic of food. What we’re cooking up over here, and what you plan on cooking up at the festival. We’ll talk about how to store food safely, what to buy, which food trucks are coming and some new healthy options. We’ll have guest food bloggers and interviews with vendors to keep you up to date on all of your eating options.

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been proud of how we’ve fed our fans, and we’re excited to tell you about some amazing new things we have coming your way this year, but we also want to hear, and see, what’s on your menu as well. So, every Friday join us by posting your favorite food pics, recipes, restaurants and watering holes.

But know that being from Chicago, we will never get used to your weird, thin pizza.

Nom nom,

The Firefly Staff