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Code Purple Project

This project is being initiated to provide supplies to the homeless population in Kent County. The donations will be given to Kent County Code Purple. Code Purple Kent County has been serving the homeless for more than two years. Code Purple is completely funded by community donations. Code Purple opens shelters within Kent County when temperatures drop to 32 degrees. Guests are provided with dinner and breakfast–a warm bed, clothes, toiletries, blankets, tents and sleeping bags–and also with resources to help with medical, employment and financial issues. Code Purple is active 365 days a year with Code in Need–providing help to people in need of food, clothing, resources for shelter and resources for all needs. Through hard work combined with community donations, Code Purple and Code in Need have been able to provide employment, homes and medical assistance to many guests.

This project looks to repurpose the camping equipment left behind by people attending Firefly. The Code Purple team and its community partners will walk the camping area in search of reusable durable camping products to include; sleeping bags, tents, bed rolls, reusable water bottles, lanterns, flashlights, clothing, footwear and nonperishable foods. All items will be cleaned and/or reconditioned and distributed to the homeless community via Code Purple based on needs.


We will offer two forms of collection at the event.

1. The first method will allow participants to donate by simply leaving their donations at the campsite. Our camping staff will provide a purple card (similar to a door hanger) with a zip tie for festival participants to use for donations. Monday after the event, teams will be divided into sections of the camping area to assess and collect all usable equipment.

2.The second method of collection is the placement of Code Purple Tents at each Camping Hub. The tents will be manned by Code Purple team members for the duration of the event with the final collection time happening on Monday after the event.