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Meet Steffi Eger: Your Firefly Camping Ambassador

April 12, 2016 AT 4:38 pm

Isn’t writing a bio about oneself an incredibly daunting task?

One of the reasons I’ve not moved into the realm of online dating is because I’d have to write about myself. Blah!!! I just want to meet people, hang out, talk about what we like to do, what ideas we have, and from that personal interaction, let people decide who and what I am. But, in our technologically-geared society, an online presence must be introduced by printed words about oneself — a bio — me! in words.

So, let me introduce myself.

My name is Steffi Eger and my crazy life began in the great state of Maine back in the day when kids were “free-range”. Along with my siblings and friends, we made our own fun in the woods, fields, and streams during all seasons. Back then, I didn’t think of being outside as “communing with Nature;” it was my playground. It’s where I learned how to run forever, ride a bike, ski down a hill, play ice hockey, swim across a river, and sleep out under the stars. That love of being outdoors has stayed with me into my adulthood, and I still take every opportunity that comes across my path to play outside. When I am not working, I can usually be found riding my motorcycle or mountain bike, running on roads or trails, scaling boulders or cliffs, summiting mountains in the blazing sun of summer, or the blowing rime ice of winter, and backpacking along the world’s lesser-known byways.

I have multiple jobs, but because I love everything I do, I rarely feel like I work. My full-time job keeps me young; I get to spend my days teaching Spanish to high school kids. The energy of a group of teenagers confined to a classroom with an entire language on the tips of their tongues results in a creative, daily adventure. My adventures continue a couple of nights a week when I am privileged to lead paint parties. I get paid to lead groups of people through the steps of creating their own painting while drinking wine. It’s a wonderful gig! My third job? I’m a hair model. Hair product companies hire me to be a live stage model to show stylists, colorists, and beauticians how to do hair cuts, color, or styles. Yes, I get paid to have my hair cut or colored or styled. Crazy, right!?!?

In the months that follow, with your help, I will add another (non-work) job to my list: I get to interact with you about camping and music! So, even though we aren’t going to be sitting down together to talk face to face about our camping experiences and ideas, I hope you’ll feel like you’ll get to know me a little bit. We’ll be able to interact online leading up to the best music festival around (can’t wait to see Kings of Leon!). So, please let me know what you think of my posts — send me your questions and comments and responses, and I’ll do my best to help guide you through the camping part of Firefly like a pro.

Let’s get ready for the best camping experience yet!



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