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Message Board: 50,000 Strong

May 4, 2017 AT 10:00 am

In the age of social media and boundless access to information via the web, where do you go to find everything you need about your favorite music festival?  Most festival fans agree that their peers and other festival veterans provide the best knowledge base when it comes to getting everything they need to optimize their festival experience.  Everything from what footwear will give you the best support, to what to eat at your campsite, to what new bands are on the “do not miss” list.  Basically, all the things from the fan perspective that you won’t find on the festival’s official home page.  This all needs to be found in an organized, searchable manner in order to be effective.  




In 2013, a few months prior to the launch of a new-look website, Firefly embarked on a new chapter in fan engagement.  With social media playing such a large part of the festival’s communication, having an online message board seemed like the most logical next step. The forum’s initial incarnation started with a handful of basic forums and sub-forums and has grown with the needs of the festival and its fans.



Over the years, we have always liked to rotate in different moderators each season, in order to give it a fresh look and feel, with different points of view, different levels of festival experience, musical tastes, etc.  We try to separate ourselves as an online community through daily, interactive involvement of our moderators.  They are tasked with being available to answer questions and engage fans on a daily basis and have always done a wonderful job.  Moderators are picked each year based on areas of festival interest including, but not limited to music, camping, festival tips/tricks, etc.  The categories are generally tweaked each year to accommodate changes to the festival.


Like the festival, this online community has evolved and become an integral part of the fan engagement effort.  Fireflies from all over use the forum to hold meetups prior to the festival, discuss music, lineups, schedules, camping ideas, etc.  We try our best to make it a very welcoming environment, where anyone can ask a question or make a comment.  Over the past 4 or so years, we’ve seen relationships formed, friendships made and some pretty strong bonds that have lasted over the years.  Members of the online community find themselves reminiscing about the “good old days” back in 2012 when event organizers didn’t have such a communication avenue for fans.


Fast forward to 2017 and in it’s 5th year, the official forum is nearing a pivotal achievement, reaching 50,000 members.  It truly speaks to the growth of the festival as a whole and we are so excited to see what the future holds for our beloved message board community.


~Mike G.

Message Board Moderator