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People of Firefly: Daniel Ellis

July 13, 2016 AT 9:34 am

Daniel Ellis, 22, Maryland


I went from a relatively secluded 18 year old to a 22 year young adventure seeking music lover within a 45 minute set.  In 2013 I worked security for the festival and caught all the acts playing the Porch Stage. I met these awesome ladies who told me that if I got the chance I should sneak over to catch Twenty One Pilots set because it wouldn’t disappoint. By the powers that be, I was able to take a break as the set was happening and I wasn’t let down. The people, the surroundings, the atmosphere; all of it drowned me with loads of positivity, and from that point I knew The Woodlands was where I wanted to spend my 3rd weekend in June! I wasn’t a dark person but I was pretty selfish and didn’t really care about anything happening around me. I was definitely more straightforward. I wasn’t really into things I didn’t like. After Firefly I wanted to take on so many adventures and started discovering music that I never thought I would be interested in.


This picture was taken by my camp neighbor Victoria. We were apart of a mega camp housing over 30 cars in premier camping lot 1805. There was a pride theme on Saturday in site of the terrors in Orlando, and I found this awesome morphsuit that I was super excited to wear! We were making our way to see CHVRCHES but there were so many things to take pictures in front of. The sounds coming from the stage really kept our bodies moving. I didn’t see this picture until after the festival but it’s definitely one of my favorites. To me it defines the person that this festival and its community has helped me become. A more open, free, and colorful way of living. Firefly 2016 was a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait until it all happens again!


There is so many things to see in life so why not go experience them?