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People of Firefly: Mia Who Met Flo

July 1, 2016 AT 2:01 pm

Mike Pyne:

“We had taken Mia to Firefly before in 2014. She’s a big Foo Fighters fan and the lineup that year had so many bands she sings along to in the car with Mommy, we just had to go. She’s seen Flo twice before, and we were trying to figure out where we would all go this summer. and when we saw Firefly had Flo, the decision was kind of made for us to come back. We found a place near the rail, and as the show went on people around us made sure to make room for Mia so she could see. We had no idea that Flo would come out to us, and as she’s running out and getting closer you start to realize, ‘Wow, she’s coming right at us.’ You can’t describe the feeling as a parent to see Florence Welch reach out to your daughter like that.”


“The next day was Sunday and as I look at this picture I’m thinking, ‘What a rocking Father’s Day!’ People were sending us photos and recognizing us at the festival…to share that with my wife, Amanda, and daughter was just amazing.”


Mia Pyne (Age 7):

“I love Foo Fighters, Muse and Flo. My friends don’t get jealous, but my teacher did when she heard I got to see the Dead with my mom and dad. Luckily, she didn’t get jealous this time because she was at Firefly and I got to see her. People would say hi to me, and give me high fives.  Besides Flo, my favorite part is all the lasers. I love how they light up and shoot beams into the trees in all different colors.”



Photo: Shawn Russell Johnson

IG: @shawnrussellphoto