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People of Firefly: Slackline Evan

August 10, 2016 AT 1:55 pm

Name: Evan Bartlett, 19, Ohio


My name is Evan, but everyone calls me Sunshine. I’m from a small town in Ohio where I grew up on a fifteen acre farm with eight horses, ten cats and five dogs. I’m the youngest of four kids. My Mom is the best person I know and she worked her ass off to give my family everything. My dad went through some rough stuff when I grew up, so I didn’t have a really intimate relationship with him.


When I was younger, my older siblings were always off doing things while I was left at home, but since I’ve turned eighteen, I’ve gotten closer to them. My brother invited me along to Firefly, which is my first festival ever. He was out of the house when I was still pretty much a kid and this was my first real bonding experience with him since becoming an adult. This was the first time we did something as friends instead of siblings.


I had a great time and it took me about a week to adjust back to real life coming home, the people, the atmosphere, the music just took me in. I loved Jeremy Loops, he got so hype at his set. I was slacklining during Blink-182 and just singing and having a great time.


There was a cute girl I met named Paige. You can see her in the photo to the right which was taken the day after I met her. This picture make me think of her. We stayed in contact and I think we’re going to try to meet up before the end of summer to hike in a national forest.


The emotion was complete zen. When I’m on that line I don’t think of anything else. It’s a tool of meditation. It was cool when people saw it and felt drawn to me. Smiles everywhere. People would form a line and try it out. I brought my line in early on the last day and just put it up and was on there the whole time. It was a great social tool. Everyone wanted to come try it and see if they could do it. It’s fun to watch people fall and then get right back up. I fell so many times when I was learning.


That’s what life’s about, falling off and getting back up.


I guess that’s the life I want to live, a life where I show people all the amazing things they can do, Living in the moment and making the best of every day.