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 So you’re coming to The Woodlands for Firefly 2019? Great!

A music festival is all fun and games... as long as you come prepared.

Here are a few tips on what to bring, and what to expect to ensure that you and your crew have the best Firefly experience you possibly can...


  • Read your pre-event email for arrival information. This will get you to your campsite quickly and easily, ensure you know what you can bring into the festival, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Review the Prohibited Items list before you head out. This will help with quick and easy vehicle searches. 
  • Before traveling, print a map with directions or take written directions in case you lose cell service or have a dead battery. Don’t forget directions for leaving to get home!
  • Bring a tent, and stakes to hold it down. Set it up before you leave, so you know you have all the pieces you need before you head to Dover!
  • Shade is your friend. Bring a pop-up shade structure to keep your camp chill zone chill. Late sleeper? Before you head to bed, reposition the pop-up over your tent to keep the sun at bay while you rest. 
  • Camp chairs are a must for maximum comfort.
  • Bring something to help identify your campsite, like a flag. The campgrounds are fairly large, and it can be easy to get turned around trying to find your way back to camp.
  • Once you arrive, find your landmarks - visit the closest Ranger Station, find the closest restrooms, and get familiar with the campgrounds around you. Each row has road signs - take a photo, jot a note, or commit it to memory. You’ll thank yourself later!
  • Sleeping supplies, such as sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and pillows should definitely be a priority. Though you may not feel like sleeping, you’ll need to, and it’s way easier to sleep when you’re comfortable! 
  • Plan to keep your campsite clean! Bring trash and recycling bags, and then re-stock at your nearest Ranger Station. Leave your full bags sealed at the edge of your camp for campground trash pickup - trash pickup crews will travel through the campgrounds each morning. 
  • Bring a portable speaker so you can bump jams at your campsite without killing your car battery. 
  • If you don’t have your car at your campsite, make sure you have something lockable to keep your valuables in or keep them with you when you head into the festival. 


  • It might rain. That’s just weather. Make sure your tent has a rain fly if you’re camping. Bring a raincoat and rain boots, or shoes that can get wet and still be comfortable. 
  • Festivals are a marathon, not a sprint. It’s ok to miss a set to get some sleep. It’s ok to take breaks. Respect and understand your body, your needs, and your stamina. 
  • Drink LOTS of water. Bring water bottles or bladders to fill up onsite. Water refill stations will be located throughout the festival and campgrounds. 
  • Stay fueled, and eat real food. There’s a lot of walking, dancing, and good times to be had, and your body needs fuel to do it all. 
  • Include your name, and an alternate contact phone number on your phone lock screen. The dread of losing your phone is no fun, but making it easy to reconnect with its owner makes it a little less painful!
  • Firefly wristbands DO NOT LOOSEN once they are tightened. Do not put it on until you are on your way to the festival. 
  • Register your wristband! Doing so will make any wristband troubleshooting super smooth, and {bonus} it will automatically enroll you in the Firefly Loyalty Program to qualify for next year’s perks. 
  • Food options are aplenty. Don’t eat the same thing every day. Try something new!  


  • Bandanas. You can get them wet and wrap them around your neck to cool down when it’s hot, you can cover your mouth/nose if it gets dusty, and keep sweat and sunscreen out of your eyes. True pros will bring a clean one for each festival day. 
  • A reusable water bottle or hydration pack. Water and hydration are crucial to a successful festival experience. 
  • A clear bag or backpack. There are specific types of bags you can bring into the venue, and many others aren’t allowed in. Find a list of acceptable bags in the FAQ here. 
  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes. The Firefly festival site is very large, and you’ll be walking (and dancing) all weekend long. 
  • Extra socks. You will be surprised what a fresh pair half-way through the day will do for you. Your feet will thank you later.
  • Sunscreen is your friend. Sunburns ruin festivals. Sunscreen must be in its original container, and aerosol cans are not permitted.
  • A portable charger. Your phone will die, and you’ll want to be able to take photos, check the Firefly App for your schedule, and find your friends. 
  • A headlamp. Trying to light up a dark port-o-potty with your cell phone could end in disaster. 
  • Chapstick with SPF.
  • A Hammock.
  • Spare batteries for anything you’re bringing that needs batteries.
  • A small first aid kit. First Aid Stations are available at the festival for larger medical problems, but it’s always good to have a band-aid or two on hand, just in case!
  • Hand sanitizer. Lots of it!
  • Earplugs. You can protect your hearing at the show, and tune out noisy neighbors when you’re trying to sleep!
  • A sleep mask. Chances are you may still want to be asleep when the sun comes up…
  • Yoga mats, they are great for chilling on at camp, and there’s daily yoga at both Hubs!
  • Sports equipment. Whether it’s soccer, volleyball, frisbee, kickball, football, bocce, bags or handball there is plenty of space to play in the Campgrounds.   
  • Jumper cables, in case your car battery dies, or someone else needs a little help!
  • Duct tape. Because duct tape. 
  • Credit! Firefly is a cashless festival, make sure to bring your plastic or set up your phone with mobile payment enabled.
  • None of the items on the Prohibited Items list found here.

TL;DR Being prepared helps ensure a good time! Looking for further info before heading to The Woodlands? Use the buttons below!