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Snacks Worthy of the Green Room

May 27, 2016 AT 12:10 pm

I don’t know many people who eat 3 meals without snacking in between. I love snacks. I need snacks. While planning your menu for camping, it’s easy to forget to make a snack game plan, after all you don’t have your pantry or snack drawer accessible.  If Beyonce can ask for only green colored crudite in her green room backstage, Firefly guests can up their snack game.  


I want to first talk about beef jerky. I only learned of the beauty of beef jerky while attending college in Lancaster, PA. The Amish showed me that high quality jerky was miles away from what I had bypassed at gas stations. If you aren’t by a farmers market there are other options. These days, quality jerky is on trend and isn’t hard to find at regular grocery stores; brands like Think Jerky, Krave, King’s County, Lawless, Side Project. Hard salami also keeps well, choose that over other sliced deli meat if possible.


Apparently dairy isn’t good for humans and dairy free diets cause glowing skin and other health benefits. But, too bad, I love cheese. When camping, think about the hard stuff. Quality hard cheese keeps well. And the more chemically treated shredded package cheese lasts and makes easy grilled cheeses. Another option, though the name sounds questionable, is nutritional yeast which can be bought at health food stores and functions as a cheese alternative. I have used it to top popcorn, salads, and proteins and can vouch that it isn’t scary.


We are all going to be sweating glowing and it is wise to keep snacks on hand to help hydrate and feel slightly healthy. Apples, bananas, and oranges are easy. I like having limes and lemons around both for making drinks and to help with hangover nausea.  Pickles are also great for that reason and campsite friendly.


One of my secret weapons in being a snack queen is working the bulk aisle. Whether at Wegman’s or another grocery,  take advantage of the by the pound snack flexibility. Do you always pick out the brazil nuts (and who doesn’t)? Make your own perfect trail mix nut and dried fruit combination. My other must haves: corn nuts and jelly beans.  I love putting together the perfect bag consisting of only my favorite jelly bean flavors (Island Punch, Juicy Pear, Strawberry Daiquiri) and I never have to worry about gagging on a buttered popcorn.  


If you have access, international grocery stores are the source for the best unique snacks.


Russian Markets:  Cured meat (try the gypsy salami), olives, jam, black bread. Chinese/Korean Markets (Like H Mart):  shrimp chips and Pocky (chocolate dipped biscuits) Indian Markets: masala and curry flavored chips. When in doubt, try it- a bag of chips doesn’t cost very much.


Task each member of your camp squad with contributing fun snacks for the group to ensure a solid stash for between meal sustenance. And if you’d like your favorites to last, considering hiding some at night to avoid a resource depleting munchie attack.  


– Jamie

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