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Stay So Fresh, So Clean at #Firefly2016

June 7, 2016 AT 11:30 am

Camping at a music festival can provide some of the best memories of your entire trip. From bonding with your campmates to having the sickest campsite setup of all time, “roughing it” is both the best experiential and economical way to experience a festival. However, showering while camping can become problematic to say the least. If smelling like a pig for 2­4 days doesn’t sound appealing here are the best ways to shower at Firefly.


Shower Tents

While it may cost you a bit upfront if you are an avid festival goer, or a camper in general, this may be your best option. Not only is this option hands­-free instead of having to hold a hose over your head, but you’ll be able to use it like a regular shower to rid yourself of the grime. Having a shower tent is not only handy for bathing right next to your camp, but you and your crew can use it as a changing room so there are no awkward moments where your neighbors might see your business.


Portable Shower Bags

As I do not camp enough to invest in a shower tent, a shower bag is the most logical option for me.


The only issue with the shower bag is that you need it to be above your head (FYI, you would also use a shower bag in a shower tent). If you brought a larger vehicle, just keep the bag on the roof and it should work out. However, if you are in a smaller car you can ask a friend for help, tie the bag with a rope to your campsite cover, or ask your neighbor if you can use their tall car. Since everybody is in the festival spirit they usually won’t mind.


“Faux” Shower

Although it may seem a little unconventional, using sanitary/baby wipes is a legitimate option to showering while at a music festival. Using this option is ideal if you feel you could go every other day without a “real” shower. Going this route can also be extremely economical as you can grab a pack of baby wipes for about $2­-$6 (Unless you are buying the super jumbo pack, then be prepared to spend $10­-$16). If your hair is prone to becoming oily, grab a travel size bottle of dry shampoo for your in-­between days (yes i’m looking at dudes as well) It’s super easy to use; just shake, spray, let dry for a few minutes and then massage into your scalp. You’ll feel fresh and clean without the effort of setting up a shower.


Utilize the Showers at Firefly Festival

If lugging a bag of water around, faux showering or spending the money on a shower tent isn’t really your thing, Firefly offers showers for $5 during non­-surge hours. During surge hours however, the price increases to $10. The hours can be found here, but as you might have guessed, surge hours are between 8am and 11am. So if you’re looking to skimp on a few days or can be the early bird before 8am, the showers at the festival are the way to go. One less thing for you to pack!


Whichever way you do it, you should shower at least once during the festival. The dust and grime are no joke and you don’t want to be the person who makes the tent unbearable for your crew at night.


– Heather