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This Year, the Party Comes to You

May 5, 2016 AT 12:36 pm

Lineups get people to come, a fantastic experience gets them to come back.


Keeping that in mind, we’ve planned something new and exciting for Firefly this year.  In the past, the festival has been the festival, and the campground has been the campground. You leave one to go to the other. Two great experiences in the same weekend, but separate. We thought long and hard about how to blur the line between those two experiences. So, this year we’re introducing a way to bring the music right to your campsite, and in turn, bring your campsite party right inside the festival.


We’re excited to announce that the New Sound Brass Band, a Philadelphia institution, will be leading second line parades through the campgrounds, taking festival goers right to the gates of The Woodlands as they open each day.


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.28.55 PM


What’s a second line parade?


Glad you asked! A second line has been a News Orleans tradition for well over a hundred years. It refers loosely to the informal group of dancers, revelers and partiers who follow behind a band as they parade through the city.


The New Sound Brass Band is a mixture of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk and even Rock all set to trumpets, trombones, tubas and drums.  Imagine a loose spontaneous parade of raw music, dance and revelry all moving along, set to the most amazing soundtrack of brass. Their only job is to pick you up, get you moving, and escort you to the opening of the festival each day in the most fun way possible.


Dress up, bring totems, sing, dance and join our parade this year, or just follow along with friends and meet new people which we hope is an important part of your Firefly experience.


You’ll be able to see New Sound Brass Band for the first time Thursday afternoon, where they’ll take the Northeast Hub Stage for a kick off show, and then parade with them to the entrance of the festival to open the weekend. Each day they’ll be in a different camp location so that everyone will get a chance to see them.


We’ll have more information on the Band themselves as well as parade routes and times become available as well as some more info on New Sound themselves.


We are beyond excited to bring this to the fans this year, and we hope to dance with as many of you as possible during what we are sure is going to be an amazing new experience.