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You should have seen us four years ago

November 24, 2015 AT 3:27 pm

You should have seen us four years ago.

We were young, eager music fans who loved events and providing people with unforgettable experiences. Our background was in nationwide running events, not hosting the top entertainers in the music industry. We saw an opportunity to launch a major music festival in an area of the country that was begging for one. We were in tune with the industry and had an ear for good music, but based on inexperience and unfamiliarity, we had a lot of convincing to do to get a single act to play Firefly the first year.

Since then, Firefly has become a household name across the country, and The Woodlands has become a music destination for over 90,000 fans each summer.

Throughout the growth process, we learned more and more about all of you. We began to understand the acts that you love and the types of live shows that light up your entire summer. You were the driving force of our strategy for this year’s lineup. We booked every single act with your overall experience as our priority. We pulled some of the most well-received acts from past years and coupled them with first-time artists that sit at the core of the Firefly identity. With the help of your guidance from the talent survey, we are proud to say that this is the most fan-driven lineup in Firefly’s history.

If you had told us six months ago that we would be sharing the 2016 lineup in November, we would have laughed. There are many intricacies that play into a successful lineup release, leaving our talent team working down to the wire to pull it off. On the flip side, this year’s intricate puzzle of artist availability and touring schedules fell into place like clockwork, allowing us to build the lineup more quickly than any year prior. We’re excited to share the 2016 lineup with you this early, but we know this timeline is unlikely for future years.

This year, however, we will relish in the opportunity to celebrate Firefly 2016 and the fact that we can all go into the holidays with our Firefly playlist for the first time ever.


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