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Where you’re going, you don’t need roads…

June 17, 2015 AT 6:02 am

Where you’re going, you don’t need roads…

The chaos of camping check-in (aka load-in, aka ingress) is quite honestly one of the most important and impactful times during a music festival. I say this having an extreme, unwavering bias as I hold the role of Assistant Director of Offsite Operations, which is in charge of this process. While I am subtly aware of other “activities” going on (i.e. incredible bands, attractions, +80k people inside the festival); I personally feel that the ~48 hours of camping load-in is one of the most important functions of the event and one that is the first element of our festival that festivalgoers see.


So, since I feel so strongly about this process, I wanted to provide a few tips on how to make your camping load-in as smooth as possible.

Read the pre-event communication (emails, camping placard, etc.)

We make every attempt possible to limit the amount of emails we send. That said, if you get an email from us, chances are there is helpful and relevant information that will make your transition into The Woodlands as easy as possible.

We will tailor your pre-event communication to the specific camping pass you purchased. The load-in information contained within will be specific to your camping pass.

Download the DelDOT App

This app is available for most mobile devices and provides helpful traffic information such as accidents, road closures, and detour routing. This is especially important if there is an accident ahead that isn’t being picked up by your typical map/GPS app.


One of our 2015 Sustainability Initiatives is to encourage carpooling to and from Firefly. Not only does this save you money (less Camping Passes & Overnight Parking spots to purchase) but also it is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint.

Bring your camping passes/ Follow the directions within the guide or mobile app: This means going against what your GPS says (the “Machine” doesn’t always know).

If you forgot your pass, make sure you have a confirmation email and ID.

Bring this to the Offsite Will Call location (Delaware Technical Community College) where you can get a replacement prior to heading to the Tollbooth.

Come early or at off-peak times

The heaviest times of load-in occur on Wednesday between 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm, then on Thursday between 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. We suggest coming at off peak times to help make your check in go a quickly as possible.

Be patient, it takes a while to load over 17,000 campsites.


Having had the pleasure of being a part of Firefly Camping since its infancy, I have been amazed at the positive energy campers bring in to The Woodlands.


Thanks for reading; we’ll see you at The Woodlands.



Camping Director